Monday, December 1, 2008

Perfectly Fine

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. I am so full of asian takeout. Yum.
I got to see a couple of friends that I hadn't seen in months so that was nice. I also saw Twilight. He he. I admit that it was a trainwreck but hey, Edward had some nice outfits in there and well, who can resist a well-dressed boy?

In the wee hours of Sunday morning (10:30) my friend Bekki (who has the most amazing collection of sweaters and won best style in our high school pop polls!!) and I trooped over to the fields behind our high school campus for her photography project. I discovered how much certain types of leaves hurt to sit on and that if a creepy guy who is talking a walk, suddenly stops and waits for you to start walking away and then proceeds to trail after you for about 10 minutes, it's probably a good idea to whip out the cellphone and start yammering loudly about karate and strong boyfriends. Anyway, thanks Bekki, hope your photo teacher gives you an A on your project :]





[shoes Delicious, dress Gap, lace shirt Victoria's Secret, belt thrifted]


JEYQ said...

great photos. especially the shot where you're laying down!

♥ fashion chalet said...

You are a vision, a modern day Alice in Wonderland in red!! <3

Thanks for your comment, I like how you named my boots magical, they really are to me. I adore 'em. Snag some if you can. And clingy tanks shall become my new "dress" code.. ;)


Stompface said...

these pictures are absolutely stunning!

You look wonderful in that lacy top.

Song of Style said...

this a a very awesome photo.
u look gorgeous!

Krystal said...

these photographs are delicious! you look fabulous. and i LOVE your header/name, amazing xx

SOS! said...

The second picture is very pretty and innocent looking!

xx- LJ from SOS!