Monday, November 3, 2008

With Nothing But Your T-shirt On

To those of you who have averted their eyes because of the title, do not worry! The title is a lie! I am fully clothed, well, by my standards. This title is also a lie because my boyfriend does not actually own a T-shirt. Well. Maybe one.

Shredding teeshirts. Basically my new favorite thing. It is scarily addictive and awesome. There is something extremely calming about the repetitive motion of ripping something apart. Everyone should try it.



[shirt shredded Hanes, skirt express]

Also because it's a Monday, have some eyecandy. Girls should not be allowed to use their boyfriends as models. Good thing we don't care.



JEYQ said...

Ha I love your tags. I just started on a shirt tonight, and LAWWD it takes like three decades to complete two inches.

Oh & I nominated you for this:


Fashion Is Poison said...

ahhh i love it

♥ fashion chalet said...

Love the shoes.

Fun diy project on the tee. Wish I knew how to do it... I loved Heidi Klum's.

♥/ fashion chalet

Ashleigh said...

I love how the tee came out ...hawwt

Mimi said...

The pics are loveable.Just adore the shoes.

PUNKIE said...

I've just tried! when I saw the "How to do" video on Camille's blog, I couldn't resit it!I should do it! the result is inredible and shred tissues is exremely relaxing! now I'm still shredding every old tees in my wardrobe... this is an addiction!

I am Dane. said...

Hot tee, and lovely blog title! hehe