Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paint It Black

No three words are more beautiful than "chance of thunderstorms." Well okay that's not true but you get my point.

In the process of getting these pictures, I got made fun of by my father who thinks I am crazy for taking pictures in the rain. I probably am. Crazy, that is.

In about a week or two of this weather, I will most probably be tired of it, but for now, it is amazing. I've made a sort of nest around my desk and dragged pillows and mugs of tea over. With most of the stress of college apps gone (finished with all of the essays that require originality and thought, filling out stupid information online, and teacher reccs, however the nailbiting overall stress about getting into college is by no means over and won't be for a couple of months now) it's nice to be able to curl up and do things like shred teeshirts and watch How I Met Your Mother without feeling guilty about not being productive.

Oh and mostly why the blog was on a mini-hiatus was because I sort of dropped my old camera and it was sad and decided to be broken. I also haven't had the time or been in the mood to take pictures. But I'm back for good. A lot has changed since my last actual post the most shallow of which is my haircut. I just needed a change and got really annoyed with the longish layers so I took scissors to it and chopped. I'm pretty sure I like it. It's much easier to style and more fun to play with.

I'm almost done with my dress that I made from a pair of jeans and will be posting pictures of that soon. I wrote a college essay about this dress. Hee. So not getting into college.


[dress f21, shoes isaac mizrahi]


JEYQ said...

LOVING this.
and i like the focus on the picture. great photography!

PUNKIE said...

LOL I passed one evening, shredding a t-shirt, last week! I started to shred it, and I was unable to stop before I finished it! now "she" look amazing!!!

drew said...

This shot has terrific depth of field!