Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pitterpat (The Angel On My Shoulder Is Haunting Me Tonight)


I woke up in the middle of the night and proceeded to be very confused about why it was so loud outside. And then I realized it was raining, proceeded to flip out because I thought I left my pumps in the backyard and ran outside. (Pumps were safely in my closet.) But that gave me an excuse to frolick and then run back into the comfort of my bed.

I didn't realize how much I've been waiting for cold weather to come back. (In a week I will be complaining about how much I miss the sun.) Tights, scarves, jackets, legwarmers squee!

This morning/afternoon was glorious. It kept raining for short bursts and then the sun would come back. Perfect for photoshooting, no? (I cannot wait to do a photoshoot in the pelting rain. Squee.)






coat- great-grandma's
sweaterdresswornasskankytop:] -Nordstrom

I. Want. To. Marry. This. Coat. And have little half-human half-coat babies with it. It's ridiculously over-sized. It's bright white with amazingly huge black buttons. It's heavy. And I love it.


morena said...

omg ! you look so beautiul!
love your style

Ashleigh said...

Holy sh*t thats a great jacket? and it was grammies?! Nice.....

Jeffo said...

Wait no you can't marry it. I want to marry it. That is the most beauteous garment I have ever seen.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great dress, love the coat.

Fabulous photos!!

xo/ fashion chalet

Taghrid said...

killer sweater turned dress. did you get hat recently?

JEYQ said...

Don't you kinda just want to die in it? I'll just recover it posthumously to preserve it in your grandmother's honor! okay I don't know how appropriate that was, but GREAT post anyway =]]

Anan said...

taghrid-- Actually no I didn't. :/ I got it maybe 2 years ago?