Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Answers, Only Questions (And Some Maybes)

As I heard two girls in Starbucks arguing about chick flicks, I kept hearing the retort of “that would never happen in real life,” I couldn't help but wonder if maybe all of the rules and romantic ideas that they ingrained into our brains as children were the root of our problems. They tell us that Santa exists. Because, they claim, every child should get to experience the magic of Santa. But is it worth the confusion and loss when we find out that it's a hoax? Maybe we spend our whole life looking for perfection and expectations that do not exist. They don't tell us about the worrying, the insecurity, and the inevitable inadequacies. They spent so much energy and time protecting us from the cruel realities of the world that they neglected to realize time would catch up. They taught us to reach for the stars but what if we cannot reach those stars? What happens when we learn that the impossible is not possible? We blame ourselves for being pessimistic but what if that's the reality? Does telling a 'little white lie' actually help in the long-run? Maybe painting a picture of a better world for an innocent child is the ultimate selfish act. A way to absolve yourself of guilt of not taking away the blissful innocence.
Some people respond by attempting to delude themselves into thinking that what they have got is the real thing. Others simply try and try again to find perfection, and on the way throw away completely worthy candidates. But the key to having it all, the dream, is to stop the encoding. To some extent. Stop expecting it to look like what you thought it was going to like. It's only when you face the fact that it won't but it can still be damn good. Maybe having it all exists. It's just wrapped in different wrapping paper and comes with slightly worn out ribbon. Don't miss out on it accidentally while you are looking for it in the wrong place and don't find yourself rejecting it simply because you believe that something else exists out there that is shinier. Chances are, you'll realize your true naivete when it's too late.
Maybe they knew that time would catch up. Maybe the childhood is worth it and we need the childhood in order to grow up and be functional adults. Maybe we're wired so that we need guidelines to follow or else we would get lost. Without the concept of a dream, failure, inadequacy, insecurity, and worrying would also not exist.

"But maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been dealt, and accessorize what we've got." ~ Carrie Bradshaw

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