Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Like That, It Can Go From Bad To Cute-- Pt1

Someone people can hear a quick snippet of Britney Spears and instantly recoil because a vivid memory of being asked to dance to this song by an undesirable boy jumps to their mind. Others smell a whiff of perfume and remember the particularly nasty salesperson in Hollister that would not stop talking in her nasal voice at decibels that should be considered inhumane. For me, it's all about the clothes.

Do you ever associate clothing that you wear at a certain time or event WITH that time or event and therefore the ugly events of that day are reminded to you every single time you wear that outfit and so you can never ever bring yourself to wear this outfit because it is now ruined for you?

This is how two of my favorite dresses got ruined: my beloved f21 plaid dress and my cherished floral dress that I bought with MK in SF.

Every time I see my plaid dress hanging there in my closet, getting more and more wrinkly, I remembered exactly (give or take a week) one year ago when I wore this dress to school and the person I was at that moment and the horrifying taste I had in people in general, and the ridiculousness of the situation. And what was going to be in store for me.

And when I see the pink floral pattern, I am instantly reminded of my SpiceGirls coma that was induced by a stupid boy (Why is it always a stupid boy?!) who apparently did not understand the concept of making promises and that in some social situations (erm, ALL) perhaps that breaking certain promises would be considered leading a girl on. And then I am reminded of how naive I was, and that things like this only happened to dumb girls. I was a dumb girl.

Can you ever really erase the negative memories that have become to deeply associated an outfit, or will it continue to plague you?

I set out this morning in order to answer this question.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

EDIT 1: So apparently having a really good day would be key. Therefore, consider this to be continued..

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