Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"The Judges Might Die Over It. Or Die Because Of It."

Dilemma: Super short dress flirting with the fine line between skankyfun and whore.
Solution: Oversized jacket. (Oh and let's throw in a belt just for the hell of it. And the obligatory headband)

Excuse the crap quality. (Actually, excuse the crap quality of all of my pictures. I kind of hate my superold digital camera that I use with a selftimer and just kind of place on a shelf, hoping I end up in the frame. It's always a plus when I'm in focus!) Only reason I included this pic is because I look pregnant. Ahem. I am so not normal.

Shoes: BCBG
Dress: made by Anan
Jacket: Gap (hand me down from the sister)
Belt: thrifted for 50 cents
Headband: Some little streetcorner shop in Taiwan

Dress: made by Anan
Jacket: Thrifted, no label.

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Adrio said...

"Headband: Some little streetcorner shop in Taiwan"

The same street corner where we can buy you?