Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm More Frustrated Than Your Distressed Jeans

Actually the title is a lie. It just made me giggle. Today was a surprisingly good day. I know, I know. On a Monday?

Dressing Up. Every girl (with the exception of the sexy tomboy and the sexually confused girl who grows up with 8 older brothers and later grows up to be the slutty girl who has no girlfriends because while she claims that she gets along great with boys because she had said older brothers, she is flirting shamelessly with everyone's boyfriend, I am of course not at all speaking from experience) loves it. It's simply fun to walk into your closet (yeah okay not really possible in my case because my closet is about a foot deep) and pick that one staple wardrobe item you love to bits and spend time and effort picking out that perfect accessory that probably no one but your slightly metro boyfriend will notice.

When I was in elementary school, I had no fashion sense whatsoever, a fashion sense, horrible as it was. I was obsessed with having everything in my outfit match completely, whether it be a theme or color combination. Disgusting.

In middle school, we had a uniform at my private school. Of course this did not stop the queen of accessories. (Yeah that's right Blair Waldorf, you aren't the only one who can spice up the prep school uni) However instead of bright colored socks, tights, and headbands, my clothing weapon of choice was.. a disgusting trench coat. I think I thought I was secretly Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or in the Matrix. Again, disgusting.

Along rolled high school and with it, my lack of fashion sense. Bad sweatshirts and sweatpants ruled this era. Until now. My love of dressing up has again caught up with me. I blame Gossip Girl, Fashion Toast, Alexander Wang, my obsession with ripping apart old grandma clothes and sewing them back together, my newfound love of zippers and belts, and previously mentioned slightly metro boyfriend.

Oh and these beauties may have had something to do with it as well.

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