Sunday, September 7, 2008

She's A Marshmallow

At this point there is a grand total of probably three people reading this blog. The first of which is a crazy person who spends all of his time online stalking random blogs. The second of which is me. And the third is a random friend that I squee-ed to that I had just created a new baby. My little blog. And squee indeed!

So for the two of us reading that do not understand the title reference...
Meg: "Well? What do you think?"
Veronica: "I look like Manila Whore Barbie."

Of course. Veronica Mars. A girl for whom I have the biggest girl crush.
And this title, for every girl out there who walks out of her house in an oversized teeshirt only to throw it off the second she gets into the car only to reveal a slightly whorish outfit underneath. And feel an inkling of uncertainty about the length of her hem only to smash down that uncertainty by donning a pair of black spandex shorts underneath. Or, as my mother refers to them in chinese, translates literally to "safety pants."

listening to: Crazy - Jem. (Ever since they played this on Gossip Girl, it's been stuck in my head. I think I'm driving my dad 'crazy' (har har) with all the blasting.)